It's a sandwich b! With cheese an' all that!
january 07, 2018 Standard IT'S NOT WORDPRESS.... SO THERE'S NO Comments SECTION

French cuisine is unequivocally one of the most delicious things you can cram in your pie hole. They've brought us delicacies such as baguettes, boeuf bourguigon and cigarettes on a stick. On top of that, everything is lathered in butter and cheese, who on earth can't appreciate that? Some of the lesser known dishes are just as flavorful, and so, I present to you, the perfect Croque Monsieur.

What's the history there?

To begin our story we have to skip over a little pond of water called the Atlantic Ocean and land in a little city known as Paris. There resided a man named Claude Deux-Rivieres who was no master chef but loved to cook. It was a particularly warm summer back in 1912 and Claude was rushing home through the noon sun with groceries in hand. He tripped over a stray cat and his groceries flew out onto the street. As luck would have it, the ham flew into the air and landed sandwiched between two pieces of baguette. Claude being a traditional French cook decided to poor some butter and cheese on that shit and let it fry in the sun. And that, my friends, is the absolute truth. I didn't make that up. Don't google it.

How do you make it?

It's pretty straight forward. You want to grab some boiled ham slices and tuck them in between brioche bread. Then you want to add grated cheese on top with salt and pepper and either bake it in an oven or in a frying pan. Keep in mind, the cheese you use is paramount, I suggest Gruyère. Make sure to butter the pan before throwing your sandwich for that extra "croque". Right, and if you want a croque madame, add an egg on top.

Anyway, that's it! Now go make yourself a delicious sandwich.