Greece flag
July 17, 2017 Standard IT'S NOT WORDPRESS.... SO THERE'S NO Comments SECTION

Everyone travels differently: Some people are in it for the tourist attractions, some for the "authentic experience" of first world slumming, some travel in groups and some go solo.  I took a trip to Greece this year with 7 close friends to celebrate turning 30 because, let's face it, we needed to distract ourselves from the fact that we're getting old. We landed in Athens and... ahh just take a look at the pictures, that's what you came for. I'll just post a few of my favorites for each location otherwise it would take forever to go through them.

Our Group

The 8 of us

From top left-clockwise we have: Bryzzle, KP!, DJ Jazzy J, Crime-Stats-Major, Ash Wednesday, Moi, H-Bomb and Scopizza


360 rooftop in Athens

Landed safely in Athens, time for rooftop drinks

The Parthenon in Athens

The Parthenon atop the Acropolis, Athens

The directions were to pose like you're on an album cover. I think we did alright.

The girls did much better

Kitten in Panathenaic Stadium

This adorable gutter kitten we found in the Panathenaic Stadium

The restrained composure of a true champion

Athen Monastiraki Square

Everyday Athens living in Monastiraki Square

We climbed this mountain in the middle of the city at dusk. What a view

The Peloponnese

Probably the most iconic view of Delphi

We saw this mountain village while on our way back from Delphi

Stopped in Nemea to taste some wine. I wish I could remember exactly what was happening at this moment because we all seem completely immersed, except Mark who's pondering life's great questions

Sunset in the city of Nafplio, easily one of my favorite stops on the trip

Mike proved to us that it's possible to fall asleep while checking your phone

Half-way up the mountain in Mystras

The Byzantine ruins of Mystras

Breakfast from the rooftop of our hotel in Kalamata

We went kayaking around Kalamata - the experience was amazing

It's not easy getting a big group organised for a picture

Nailed it.

The Islands

We explored Mykonos first, just wow.

The view from our balcony was mind-blowing

The first night in Mykonos, we went out clubbing since that's what the island is known for. This is the only picture I have of that night. I think it represents it pretty well.

Then Santorini! The view from our balcony in Oia. See me sitting on that ledge all casual? Yea that's me pretending I'm not terrified of how high we are.

They charge more at restaurants that face the sunset, so we just brought our own wine to the streets.

A few of us decided to bus from Oia to Imerovigli so we could hike into Fira from there. The walk is gorgeous and along the cliff's edge most of the time so if you're scared of heights... ahh do it anyway.

That about wraps it up, I spent one more day in Santorini waiting in an airport because our airplane was delayed for 9 hours but I did meet some cool people. We bonded over our common disgust with Volotea. Then it was off to explore Venice, Florence and Rome on my own. I'll make another post about that eventually.