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When I was in grade school my father’s business sponsored our basketball team. We had these sweet teal jerseys with “A Houle Haulage” printed above a tractor. With the originality that only 7th graders have, rival teams would taunt us with “Way to miss that free-throw, A-Hole Haulage!”

In high school, I worked at Cape Connex doing market research surveys. Every call begins with introducing yourself: “Hi, my name is Luc Houle from Acrobat Research.” At least once a shift, someone would chime back with “Okay, Lou Cool. Prank-call someone else.”

When I visited Paris for the first time, I was looking forward to seeing some famous Houles from history. The least my ancestors could do to make up for English telemarketers calling me “Mr. How-ley” was own a castle or have been amazing artists or something. To my dismay, after exploring museums, churches and monuments, there was no mention of the Houle name anywhere.

This prompted me to research my family tree. I quickly discovered why Paris didn't have mention of us: We’re super Canadian. I’m talking maple syrup-producing, winter-loving, 10 generations deep Canadian. It also doesn’t help that for some odd reason my great(x6) grandfather decided to change his name from Houde to Houle.

Most Canadian Houles can trace their lineage back to one common ancestor: Louis Houde. He immigrated to Canada in 1647 at the age of 30. There’s an entire article on him if you want to know more. My branch of the tree moved from Manou, France to l'île d'orléans – then to Montréal – then to the outskirts of Ottawa – and finally to Sudbury.

I put the direct lineage below but before I leave you, I’d like to take a moment to remind you of DJ Khaled and just proclaim that I actually am “So Houde”.

Houle Direct Lineage

Luc Aurelien Houle (b:1987)
Toronto, ON

Luc Joseph Houle (b:1957) - Claire McMillan (b:1964)
Hanmer, ON

Aurelien Houle (b:1926) - Therese Despatie (b:)
Hanmer, ON

Albert Houle (b:1892) - Gabrielle Frappier (b:1895)
Clarence Creek, ON

Jean-Baptiste Houle (b:1863) - Marguerite Lafontaine (b:1869)
Ottawa, ON

Augustin Houle (b:1822) - Catherine Derepentigny (b:1828)
Beauharnois, QC

Michel Houle (b:1788) - Angelique Dugas (b:1792)
Valdreuil, QC

Charles Houle (b:1759) - Marie-Angelique Henault (b:1762)
St-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC

Michel Houle (b:1710) - Marie-Genevieve Lemay (b: -)
Chateauguay, QC

Etienne Houde(b:1682) - Elisabeth-Urusle Denvers (b:1690)
Ste-Famille, QC

Louis Houde(b:1617) - Madelaine Boucher (b:1641)
Manou, Perche, FR

Noel Houde (b:1590) - Anne Lefebvre (b:1587)
Manou, Perche, FR

Andre Houde (b:1563) - Marie-Giselle Jeanne(?) Simoneau(?) (b: - )
Manou, Perche, FR