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Let's get a few things straight first

For the uninitiated, I should probably preface this story by explaining what a sugar baby is. Have you ever looked at a girl and said to yourself: “I just want to give that girl a bunch of money so that she goes out with me”? No? Then you’d make a terrible sugar daddy.

A sugar daddy/baby relationship happens when a younger woman enters into a contract with an older, established man. The sugar baby(young woman) receives gifts or a monthly allowance and in exchange she goes out to dinner with them, attends social gatherings and um… snoo snoo.

So right now, you’re probably wondering how this is different from prostitution. Don’t worry, I’m not sure either. I did get a bit of enlightenment with regards to a sugar baby’s world one mild evening a few days ago.

The Story

It was a chill Sunday: good company, the AGO and delicious food at Grey Garden. Whenever I’m going home on my own, I usually choose UberPool. Nine times out of ten you meet cool people and hear some fun stories.

The driver pulls up carrying only one other passenger, a young woman in her mid-twenties. She's well spoken and well dressed. We have a little back and forth about Tinder and dating but she’s not about that life. She explains that she doesn’t have time for dating and wouldn’t want to put her arrangements in jeopardy.

I make a few reserved guesses as to what her arrangements are. She laughs and divulges that she’s a sugar baby. Well now my interest is piqued, and we get into the details. She’s got 3 sugar daddies, one from France, one who started a major tech website and a third that she intentionally leaves open-ended. The tech magnate buys her clothes and random gifts. The one from France pays for her groceries and her bills. The third probably has the most interesting story.

She posted a listing explaining what she was looking for. She said it wasn’t on a sugar website but wouldn’t tell me where. One day, a call comes in from a few guys who are looking to hire her to meet up with their friend. They settled on a sum of seven thousand dollars for the night. Take a minute to process that. Seven thousand dollars to meet up with a guy, spend the evening laughing at his jokes and then sleeping with them. As it turns out, she fell for him. She spent a few minutes gushing over his qualities and how she refused the payday since she wanted to make it an ongoing thing. It can’t hurt that he’d already offered her a monthly allowance of three thousand dollars.

She mentioned that she’s looking forward to breaking it off with her other sugar daddies, so she can just spend time with him instead. Puzzled, I asked her why she doesn’t do that right away? She explained that he’s currently injured, which led to the next question “Why does that matter?”

Exiting the car in front a beautiful Forest Hill home, she responds: “A girl still needs to get laid”